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1. Introduction: Murray MacDougall and The Story of Triangle

Book: Murray MacDougall and The Story of Triangle written by C. R. Saunders

Foreword — by T. E. S. Goss
Author's Note

Part I — The Story of Mac

Part II — Triangle after MacDougall

A. The Sugar Industry Board
B. The Natal Syndicate
C. Enter Guy Hulett
D. The Consortium and Triangle

The Murray MacDougall Museum
The Murray MacDougall Scholarship
Murray MacDougall School

End of Page 111111


Cover: T. M. MacDougall and Tom Dunuza at their last meeting outside Triangle Limited main office, April 1964.
Frontispiece: Portrait of T. M. MacDougall.

The party that trekked to Rhodesia
The old and the new
Jatala Weir
MacDougall with his first cane
MacDougall's Mill
MacDougall's O.B.E. investiture
Two key figures
Vast fields of cane
Cane cutter at work
Loading cane
Triangle Mill
Opening of the training centre





Photograph: E.T. Brown

An epic of land, water and man.

Copyright Triangle Limited, 1977.
ISBN No. 0-7974-0284-5
Published by Triangle Limited
Printed by Belmont Printers, Bulawayo.

by T. E. S. GOSS,
Executive Chairman, Triangle Limited.

It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation of Dr. Colin Saunders to write a foreword to this book. Dr. Saunders has made a profound study of the life of Thomas Murray MacDougall and has been largely instrumental in the establishment of a modern and most interesting Museum at Triangle which deals with all aspects of the development of the sugar industry in Rhodesia from Thomas Murray MacDougall's day to the present. His consuming interest in the history of Rhodesia has qualified him to set down all the relevant facts of his subject, and his outstanding effort ensures that this particular piece of history will be handed down to posterity factually and in true perspective.



The story of MacDougall's pioneering feats in establishing the possibilities of large-scale irrigation in the South-Eastern lowveld of Rhodesia is one of the great epics of human endeavour of our time, and his single-minded faith and determination provided a solid foundation on which were built the fortunes of a great company, whose example has already been followed, with success, by neighbours, and by other organisations which one can only hope will increase vastly, in the interest of our country.

There have been two objectives in the preparation of this narrative: firstly, to assemble faithfully and objectively for posterity a remarkable story, of which there was no other complete record, and to make available this story in the Murray MacDougall Museum; secondly, to accord due honour to a great man, and to establish without question his rightful status as the man who started it all. Mac eschewed publicity and demanded no tribute.

From what follows, let the reader judge for himself MacDougall's role in the history of the lowveld.

It is a pleasure to record the assistance of many friends in the preparation of this booklet, amongst whom Mrs. Marjorie MacDougall has been a patient fund of information; Mrs. Ethelwyn Strover before me was assiduous in her collection of details from a host of contacts and acquaintances; Mrs. Carol Rambo has battled cheerfully and successfully with the doctor's proverbial scrawl; Roy Briault has been responsible for some of the photographs; Basil Digby has provided biographical details of Guy Hulett; Ted Burke, Director of National Archives, has provided original photographs, reproductions, a lot of advice, and has kindly consented to comment on the manuscript; Mrs. Madge Robertson has readily made available on loan her late husband's documents; Jill Osborne provided one of her incomparable baobab sketches at short notice, and the printers have been more than cooperative.

Finally, the Directors and Management of Triangle have afforded every assistance and encouragement, ever since they agreed enthusiastically to the suggestion by Mrs. Nan Goss that the museum project should proceed, and my wife Jenny has been an unswerving ally when she could have expected more attention to herself and our children than to another one of my hobbies.

Colin Saunders.
Triangle. July, 1977.

Sincere thanks to Colin Saunders and family for their approval to digitise Colins book

Recompilation completed by Eddy Norris, for no or intended financial gain but rather as a ORAFs initiative to record the memories of Rhodesia and its people for future generations.

You have my permission to proceed with your circulation of my history of MacDougall and Triangle.
Best regards

Colin Saunders (Sqn Ldr , Medical VR)

Book was made available to ORAFs by Neill Jackson, thank you Neill.

Thanks to my son, Paul Norris, Paul Mroz for their assistance and special thanks to Robb Ellis for his on going support.

Eddy Norris can be contacted on


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